Who I am, and Why This Blog

This blog has been created and is managed by Brendon Matthews. I (Brendon) have been in banking since 2002, live and work in Bluffton, Ohio, am married to an amazingly independent hometown girl, and have three beautiful, equally independent daughters. I work for First National Bank of Pandora, a community bank that serves Putnam, Allen, and Hancock counties in Northwest Ohio. The Bank is supportive of this blog but doesn’t endorse or provide the content. The purpose of this blog is fourfold:
1) to share how a community banker sees community banking;
2) to inform local community members and any Googler about various aspects of community banking and the banking industry as a whole;
3) to explain why community banking is vital to the success of communities across the country; and 4) and to use this blog as a venue to post discussions about leadership as I work through the process to of earning an EdD in Interdisciplinary Leadership at Creighton University. I hope you find the posts insightful, entertaining, and worth the read.

6 responses to “Who I am, and Why This Blog

  1. I was wondering how this would be. This is one of my first blogs to check out. I like the pic.

  2. I like it. I am anxiously awaiting to see what you post next.

  3. Really cool blog man. What are your thoughts pertaining to Credit Unions? I’ve kicked the idea around of opening an account at one. Pro’s? Cons?

    • Community Banker

      Historically, credit unions have filled an important niche by serving low to moderate income individuals, and as a result they were not required to pay taxes like a traditional bank. In recent years they have started competing directly with banks and have an advantage because they pay less taxes, are regulated less heavily than banks, and are not required to prove they are serving the low to moderate income demographic they were commissioned to help. As a community banker I am a little biased, but I’d recommend a community bank you know is serving the community and is insured by the FDIC. Thanks for the comment.

  4. so from best to worst would go something like…

    1. Bank
    2. Credit Union
    3. “Checks Cashed!”
    4. Pawn Shop

    Thanks for the reply!!

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