Reader Poll: Perception of Community Banks

I was at a bank product conference a couple weeks ago and heard this mantra over and over again: “people feel like they are giving something up in order to bank with a community bank.”

I’ve never really looked at community banking in this light because I work at the Bank.  I know which products and services I need and First National has all of them.  But, I suppose if you see banking as a commodity and you’re used to seeing ads for Chase/Bank of America/Wells Fargo and all the great products they offer, then perception is reality.

So, help me out.  What is your perception of community banking compared with “mega” banks?


2 responses to “Reader Poll: Perception of Community Banks

  1. Big banks offer technology that small banks don’t–texting alerts, mobile apps, nice online banking interfaces, etc.

    • Community Banker

      Joe, thanks for the comment. You’re right that many small community banks don’t have the resources to compete with the larger banks in terms of technology. But in many cases you might be surprised by what a community bank offers…more to follow in future posts.

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