Woody and Buzz: Why We Like Toy Story

There are probably a lot of reasons why we like Woody and Buzz and Toy Story 3.  We know that the 1995 original was an instant classic.   We know that the 1999 movie was a sequel worth seeing.  And we know that 15 years after the first installment, Toy Story 3 will also certainly be worth a look. 

I will admit that seeing plastic toys run around in Computer-generated imagery (CGI) was a bit out of the ordinary the first time around, but now Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head are here to stay.

And so now we know that when we get Woody and Buzz we also get Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.  We know we’re going to get a movie that captivates kids and entertains adults.  We know that even if the story might be predictable, we’ll be happy as we walk out of the theater.  Ultimately, it seems like we know what we’re going to get.  And maybe that’s why we keep going back.  We’ve seen it before, we like it, and we want to see it again. 

That consistency and familiarity is what many businesses strive to create.  I like McDonald’s restaurant because, for better or worse, I know what I’m going to get.  The food always tastes the same, the restaurants—in almost every locale—are clean and inviting, and in Bluffton, the employees are always quick, very friendly and helpful.  As a consumer, I appreciate knowing what I’m going to get.

As a banker, I know that people are very careful when it comes to their finances and their personal banking.  They want to know who they’re dealing with.  They want to know they can trust the person who handles their money.  And they want to know that if they run into a problem, they can count on their banker to work with them to fix the issue.

At First National Bank, familiarity and consistency—along with friendliness and professionalism—are words we try to act on every day.  We don’t always succeed, but we continue to do our very best.  We don’t have exciting names like Mr. Pricklepants or Emperor Zurg, but you can bet you’ll hear at least one “hello” as soon as you walk in any of our branches.  And hopefully, you’ll get the same quality service no matter how or when you interact with a First National employee. 

So enjoy Toy Story 3 and hopefully we’ll see you at the Bank soon.



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